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Non Chex Systems Banks List

That's It! We Did it after 8 years! As of 05/14/07 We have a Guaranteed Second Chance Checking Account for Everyone!

  We have an Exclusive Relationship with an FDIC bank that offers a Free Checkbook, Free Debit MasterCard, No Minimum Deposit, No Monthly Fee.   Therefore, with this bank, even if you owe a balance to chex systems or telecheck or both, even fraud, you can open a new checking account guaranteed.  This will give you time to save the  money to satisfy your obligation or debt to chex systems.  This guaranteed new checking account while in Chex systems will give you a debit mastercard and you can have your payroll check directly deposited (not required) into your account.  Order now and sign up today. Receive your Application online after Payment or Applying for Free Offer!

Guaranteed New Bank Account!

This FDIC Bank will accept everyone even Account Fraud and Account Abuse on Chex Systems. This is checkless bank account with a Secured Cash ATM Card that is upgradeable to a Debit Mastercard in 90 days with good account history. You can pay bills online and over the phone with your ACH Routing # and Account #! You must have valid Photo Gov't ID. No Direct Deposit Required and No Initial Deposit is required!

Guaranteed New Checking Account "Checking Account w/ATM Card and Checkbook" All Accepted! $100 Deposit Required

This Big FDIC Bank already knows you are in Chex Systems, They will give you an ATM Card and a Checkbook. 2 Requirements: 1. They must not find Check Fraud on your Chex Systems Report 2. You must not be reported by this bank to Chex Systems. They are a big bank and have online banking. Order our information today and get a "Second Chance Checking Account with this FDIC Bank

Second Chance Checking Account "Checking Account w/Visa Debit Card and Checkbook"

This Big FDIC Bank already knows you are in Chex Systems, they put you on a 90 day probation with your new checkbook and visa debit card, so be careful. They are a big bank and have online banking. Order our information today and get a "Second Chance Checking Account with this FDIC Bank

Guaranteed Non-Chex Systems Bank, Non Telecheck Bank! Direct Deposit of your Payroll is Required! Instant Application Online! Order Now!

That's right folks we found it! A 2nd Chance Checking Account for you even if you are in Chex Systems, Telecheck, and have Horrible Credit! You Win! All Are accepted! The Bank does not issue paper checks until you prove yourself! They will issue you an Visa Debit Card. Some Employers require a bank account to get Paid (military, gov't jobs). This is the account for you. Once again all are accepted! Once you enter the site you have access to the 800# to call and enroll over the phone!

New Service: Guaranteed New Business, Personal or Joint Checking Accounts (not included in free offer)

We will provide you with the application and phone #'s to receive a New Business Checking Account Regardless of your past Checking History! There will be a Fee for our Service, but where else can you get a Business Checking Account while in Telechek or Chex Systems? We also offer Personal, Joint Checking Accounts Guaranteed w/ an ATM or Visa/Mastercard Debit Cards and a Checkbook! We get the account for you! Visit our sister site now!

Call Now for Immediate Assistance!

Non-Chex Systems Banks and Chex Systems Banks that will Open a Checking Account for you! Apply for a Checking Account Guaranteed while on Chex Systems!

CHEX Systems Solutions! Don't Let Chex Systems Stop You from getting a Checking Account! Guaranteed Checking Account without check fraud! Apply Today!

We have a list of every bank in the nation that do not use chex systems! Plus we have a list of banks that will open a checking account if you have paid your chex systems balance or waited 1 year since the debt! Get a checking account NOW! Don't Wait 5 years to open a Checking Account! Open ONE ONLINE Guaranteed (they use telecheck not Chex Systems) Apply Today!

Our Guaranteed online Bank Uses Telecheck vs. Chex Systems! Everyone Qualifies unless you are in Telecheck. You can apply over the phone with an opening deposit of $50. You will receive checks in the mail and a debit mastercard that earns you .05% back on Debit Mastercard purchases. Our list is quickly depleting as banks turn to Chex Systems but we do Guarantee our one online Bank for a New Checking Account Today!


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Now get your Experian, TransUnion and Equifax Credit Files & Credit Scores online Instantly!

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Recent Testimonies!

Thank you sooo much! I was able to go in to the _______ branch and set up a 2nd chance checking account with NO PROBLEMS. Their customer service was great! I talked to the girl you had spoken with and she was very helpful. They waived the 12.00 Debit Card Fee and instead of the $50 minimum deposit I was able to just deposit $20.00. My debit card will be here in 5-7 business days and I already have my account information and starter checks. Thanks for your help today. I really appreciate it!!!
Kim Knott

YES!!! We did an on-line application to ______ yesterday for a business account. Yesterday we found out via e-mail that we've been approved. Now we are in the the process of finalizing everything with documentation, etc...but so far so good!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much for all your prompt time and attention to our needs!!! Your assistance has been invaluable and we are very appreciative!!!!
Thank you Again!
Wayne & Robin VanDerLoo

Actually, I was approved for a savings account with ________ here in Jacksonville. And I just received an email from _______ that I was approved for a personal checking account. I called ____ regarding my application for a business checking account. I spoke with Carlee and she stated they didn't received it, but apologized and asked me to refax it to her attention. So, hopefully I will be up and running with them very soon.
Thanks for all your help and information!
Tina Payne

I just thought I would let you know that I got a second chance checking account at ______ and I can't thank you guys enough. Thank you for helping me feel like an adult again.
Adam Scudiere

Hi Casey,
I just wanted to let you know that I got the account with __________. Thank You so much for all your help.
Jennifer St-Vil

Just got my checkbook and new account with _____. Thanks for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rex Boehler

Thanks for the referral. I now have an account with _________!
Zaundra Toii

Good News! I got the ___________ account. Thank you for your help and I will definitely refer you to my friends.
Patty Macias

I actually got a checking account with __________. Thanks for all of your help.

Casey & John,
I have successfully opened an account with ______ bank. Thanks for all your help.
Katrice Austin

Hello Casey,
I was able to find a bank with the recommendation John provided.
Ophelia Groomes

Yes, I did receive a new checking account, ______ bank opened my account. Pls recommend this one to anyone who has chexsystems.

Great news ! I was able to get my business accounts with ____________. Thank you for the suggestion and great service !
I never thought it possible, but I got it...
Tony Garcia

Hi Casey,
I just wanted to let you know we got the _____________ business account with no problems.
Thanks so much,
Sha Lankford

Thank you we did get a bank account with _________________.
Thank you
Monica Clune

Hello John & Casey,
I was successful in opening an account at ______ Bank! So I kindly thank you for all of your help and will refer many people to this program.
Peace & Love ALWAYS!
"It starts with your attitude and a conscious decision to either make the best of your circumstances...or to be a victim of them"

Dear John & Casey,
I want to sincerely thank you both for helping me in my journey of finding a checking account. I had completely gave up hope until you guys helped me. Although my account has only been open for one day I feel like I am starting over. ________ bank's team is very helpful and are open 24 hrs which is great!!! You guys are doing a great job in helping so many people.
Keep up the good work :)
Mallory Armstrong

Hi Casey,
__________ has approved me for a checking and savings account online. Thanks for your help.
Heather Merryman

Hey John,
Thank you so very much for you and Casey really help me to find the bank that who will give me and accept me, They are really nice ,cheerful, smile and good Bank of America who treated me so mean, even it is not my fault they had bad attitude toward me..I finding that there still a good and nice people in this earth who is helping peoples to find the way out...Thanks again for your help.!!!!
Have a great week!!!
Grace Tseng

Hi Casey,
I just wanted to let you know that I was successful in opening a business account _____________ with both checking writing privileges and a Debit MasterCard and though they don’t have a true local branch, (just ATM’s on steroidsJ) 95% of my deposits are done by ACH, so this works just great for meJ Please let your friend know who put me in touch with you.
Thanks again for all your help….
PS: I also opened a personal checking acct at _______, (with checkbook and Debit MasterCard) but they require you appear in person to open a business account.

Thanks for your advice John. _____ Bank easily opened an account for me like you said they would in La Habra. It was hassle free and now i am able to continue with my finances. You're service/consulting worked for me, thanks very much. Ricky Rodriguez PS. feel free to use this email in any testimonials. thanks again.
Ricky Rodriguez
La Habra, CA

I just spoke with __________ FCU who advised me that they opened up a new checking and savings account for me. I very much appreciate your steadfast assistance and all of your support.
Randall J. Lakefish

Hi Casey,
_____ Bank was of great service. Thank you so much.
Laura Janis

I wanted to thank John for his help in finding a bank that would allow me to open a checking account. I was looking for a bank close to home and with just one phone call from John, I found this bank, set up an appointment with the manager and I had a new checking account (with checks and check card) in 1/2hr. Your service was excellent and rather speedy. This all took place with-in 2 days. Thank you, Thank you!
Jamie from Wisconsin

Dear Andrew
For months, I was frustrated at the fact that I didn't have a checking account to cash or deposit my payroll checks. At approximately noon time just yesterday, I saw on the internet. I was very pessimistic that they could help me obtain a checking account since my name was reported at Chexsystems by a huge bank last year. In less than an hour upon applying online, Andrew called me and worked on my application. Within minutes, he hooked me up on one of a local bank within my own city to open a checking account. Just before 5pm (less than 4 hours from the time of my application), I was issued a checking account AND a savings account with a reputable bank in my area.
Thank you Andrew.
Dennis S.

Dear John:
Business Account successfully opend with the Bank. Thanks for the help!
I really appreciate your referrals, I couldn't do it without you.
Mike Pezzi
Sacramento, CA

Dear Andrew:
I tried to apply for a checking account after being on check systems and was denied everywhere. Honestly, I thought I had no way to get an account. I found Andrew at and "WOW" they really do get you an account for only $75. I thought the whole thing was a scam and after getting a checking account, check card, savings account, within a week at a local bank it was not a scam at all. Thanks Andrew for everything this was such a life saver.
Michael Tapia

Hi John,
I wanted to thank you for your assistance re-establishing a banking relationship for me and my husband. I can't believe how easy the process was. The bank you sent us to treated us with respect and kindness. It was a very nice experience, we now have a joint account and 2 personal accounts in each of our names. We were (especially my husband) a little skeptical at first, but what outstanding results we received!
We called you on Tuesday, I followed your directions, and contacted the bank (on Tuesday). We went into the branch on Wednesday, completed the paperwork. I met with the branch manager on Friday, she very pleasant. She signed off on the accounts and ordered our ATM/Visa cards and our new checks. It was very easy.
Thank you so much! It's great to know there is a 2ND chance available, your company is awesome.
Blessings and peace,
Toni & Rickey
Dana Point, CA

Hello John,
My name is Kimberly, we spoke about two weeks ago when you gave me a bank to contact. I just want to thank you so very much. I contacted the bank, sent in the required documents and I now have an active and open checking account. It was very easy and the bank was so friendly and polite. My worries are now over, and I can start to re-build my financial situation without the stigma of being on ChexSystems. Thanks again. For anyone that thinks this is a scam, it truly isn't. I have been trying for years to open an active checking account and have been turned down by so many banks, I actually gave up until I found on the Internet. It took me awhile but after researching a bit, I figured I had nothing to lose. Keep your prices the way they are. It was hard for me to part with the initial fee I sent in but it was well worth it in the end.
Take Care, and God Bless!
Whitehall, PA

Just wanted to tell you ___________ Bank accepted my online application, and has already verified my funding!
Thanks for your help.
Cory Hearnsberger

Just wanted to say Thank You for your help. I was able to get the checking account at ________ Bank. I appreciate all your help, and I will recommend you guys to some friends of mine who are in the same situation.
Thanks again!
Meaghan Blankenship

Thanks John,
I went in today and they approved me for an account. Worth every penny.
Carlos Harper
Vacation Internationale


I want to thank John for telling me about xxxxxxx Bank. I was able to open a checking account with a debit card today, and I am still in ChexSystems!!! Thank you so very much. Its great to see a Christian business out there, that has the main goal of helping people. May God bless your business mightily & may you continue to help others in this world.
Tai Holloway

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time. I have opened a checking account with __________ Bank. Again thanks for your help.
Mark R

Thanks so much for you help. I looked up ___________, called their number, and set up an account. They should be sending me all the papers on Tuesday. I should have a checking account in 2 weeks. Thanks very much for all your help!!
Rex Barnes

Hi John,
Guess what! I got the account with _______ Bank. Now I can bank locally! Thanks so much

I would just like to say how VERY pleased I am with your services. The whole process (including my application with Go and with __________ bank took a total of 4.5 MINUTES. I was skeptical at first, but was wrong. My checking account, savings account, and check card have all been issued. Thanks for the great service. You guys are GREAT!

Dear John,
My name is Vylise Price, I have opened my new account on march 10, 2006 at the bank you referral me to has branches national wide and even near my home not far from where I live at ... and the people there are very nice also have some people who know America sign language to be able to communicate with me as well and help me understand each other and also about their service and about my checking account and my availability using their service and products.
The bankers there are very friendly and very helpful in helping me to get my account open up as soon as possible. And I would like to thank you very much in helping me finding a bank that would give me a second chance in my life to have a new fresh start so that I can start paying my bills online and other things with my account so god bless you and also the people at the bank and once again thank you very much and I am very pleased !
Sincerely yours,
Ms. Vylise Lela Price

Dear John,
Just to let you know I appreciate all the help you gave me and the expedience in getting an account approved for me. The bank I am using is _______ and they are the nicest people, they are a large bank with a down home feeling. I recommend that anyone who is thinking about using your services, please dont hesitate you will feel like a normal person again in a matter of a few days!!!
Caroline Brezinski

Eric has helped way over my expectation of obtaining me a checking account like they always say "Where theres a will theres a way" and God has sent him mine (way) GOD BLESS!
Eric Fralin

Here you go:
I was turned down at a local credit union. I had an account thru our company credit union and the manager closed the account and stated that he didn't like the activity in my account. As if it was his business, I mean it was my money. But then I found these wonderful people who worked with a local branch and I was able to open an account and not feel like a convict! They are great and I would recommend their services to anyone that is in doubt and skeptical - Don't be - They are honest and do exactly what they say they will do !!!!!!
Thanks a bunch!
Jennifer D. Killingsworth

Dear Eric,
Thank You!!! I opened my new checking account today. Not only do I have a checking account at a local bank, the bank has branches nationwide. You do not know how much I will save in fees. Now I no longer have to go to a check cashing place. Your service is worth more than the fees you charge. Thank you again for my new checking account.
Lloyd Alcones

Hi Eric:
Just wanted to thank you again for assisting with my new checking account; and my banker Chris, is a wonderful person. He treated me with dignity and respect (which doesn't happen often when you've been through economic devastation).
Best Regards,
Gwen Jones

Dear Eric,
Thank you so much for your help! I spoke with Dave at ____ Bank and I now have a checking account with checks and a Visa debit card! I was sure that I would never be able to have a bank account again. I believe the power of prayer led me to your website and you -- isn't our God awesome?! The past several years have been so financially difficult with my husband's illness and recent death (I know he is happy with the Lord!). Then I accepted and deposited checks that were stolen and the bank closed my account. How was I to know they were stolen? Banks blame the customer and report us to Chex Systems! Praise God for leading you to help those of us in this situation.
May God's richest blessings be yours!
Donna Haddad

A quick sincere thank you for helping me obtain a checking account. I never heard of ChexSystems until January of this year and they are like GOD for the banking institutions. Even with me including my own comment to the banks, the banks takes president without showing any proof. This is not RIGHT and something should be done, but I don't know what. If you do drop me a quick line so I can help others. This is really pathetic as canreally harm people such as msyself who are selfemployed. Thanks again and yes, "God Bless" you in return.

I just wanted to let you know that I was very skeptical, I thought that I might have been taken for the monies to open the account, but I have spoken with the folks at ________ Bank, they were super nice. Explained everything, I am so tickled. I look forward to a long relationship with them and want to thank you so much for your help in obtaining a checking account with a bank that looks past the chex system. This has made my day. Thanks. Anyone looking for a checking account in Chex System, should contact you. This is not a rip off.
Roberta Williams

Thank you for your services! I sent my application in on July 5th, paid the nominal fee, and got a call from my new bank representative on Sat., July 9th. I went to the branch immediately and opened my new checking account. The bank is located only about a mile from my house and the service was excellent. I was treated with respect and my issues of credit trouble and being on ChexSystems and Telecheck were no problem. I am absolutely amazed (after being somewhat skeptical at first, I must admit). I was also surprised to find that it was a "real bank", meaning, one that I see all around town, a truly reputable bank that I feel proud to be a member of. Now my only issue is feeling slightly guilty due to the fact that it seems like I should have paid more for your services. In an effort to give back however, I am a mortgage broker and deal with people every day that have credit issues. I am gladly going to suggest your services to my clients. Kathy Fett w/_______ Bank (my representative for my new checking acct) asked me to let you know that you are welcome to send others her way. I cannot thank you enough for giving me an avenue to re-establish my footing in the financial world. Thank you for being there for people like us who just need a bit of a boost. My best to you and your team,
M. Edwin Ericson
Chandler, AZ

I just wanted to say thank you for referring me to a bank that would accept people in chex systems. Just to clarify _______________________ offers a checking account with a possible upgrade to a regular account after only 6 months! There is also no minimum deposit! I have been searching for a checking account for over a year and I am so happy to have finally opened one with your help.
Thanks again,

Hi Eric,

I opended my new Checking and savings account on yesterday at _______ Federal Savings Bank. I really thank God for your website. I did not think , I could get another bank account but God lead me to your website. Thank you so much ..I will be referring others to your website.


So, would you folks like another testimonial. I have never encountered such amazing service from anyone. Once again, within a few days after receiving your fee, you have a prospective vendor (bank) contact me. The following day, an account is all set up. Are you guys amazing or what? Thank you once again.
Randall J. Lakefish

I just got back from the Camarillo branch of _____ with my new account opened. Your service truly helps people like me who are honestly trying to get their finances straightened out. I will reccommend you to anyone that I know who needs a helping hand.

Thanks again for eveything, it truly means alot to me.
Tiffany Travis

I have been active in the business world for quite some time. Rarely, do I encounter a level of customer service I am pleased with, let alone able to praise. As a new customer of….I have only the truest of accolades to bestow upon them. To begin with, they were amazingly responsive whenever I had a question or two about the service. When I finally decided to come on board as a customer, not only was my order processed with the greatest of proficiency, but I received a call from a local bank the very next day wanting to speak with me about becoming a customer! Normally, a person has to personally initiate contact with the company they want to do business with and pray they reach someone who is glad to speak with them and anxious to be of service. So, let me say it again, used their expertise to generate a call directly from the bank to me. Now, that is service. I met with the bank the following day and before I left, had a brand new checking account! This means that within 48 hours from the time I paid my fee to, they had provided the service they guaranteed. A while back, personal difficulties landed me on ChexSystems and Telecheck. As a result, I have been extremely leery about approaching a bank and unsuccessful when actually trying my luck at doing so. Those days are over thanks to Their services are well worth the nominal expense. In fact, I may have actually paid them more for the opportunity to have a checking account once again. Anyone with similar experiences should, without exception and with excitement, come on board with You will be proud of your decision.

Randal Lakefish

Dear Mr. Baum, I wanted to write and say thank you for your help in obtaining a checking account through a local bank here in Tennessee. I am still just amazed at the speed with which you managed to accomplish this. I sent you my application and payment, and less than a week later I have an active checking account. I was treated respectfully throughout the process by both you and the bank contact person, never like I was second class citizen because of my financial past. I greatly appreciate your promptness and professionalism, as well as the extraordinarily high quality of service I received. The emails notifying me of each step in the process are a wonderful touch. I truly believe that Jesus led me to you as a part of the process of rebuilding my life after finding truth in His promises. I am so grateful, both to you and for you. You will be in my prayers, and my testimonials. May God bless you tremendously for helping people to recover from their bad decisions!

Grace and Peace,
Brandy Blankenship

I can't thank you enough, I owed Bank of America a lousy $16 which I paid off, I went to Nevada State Bank who claims to give 2nd chance checking, they said NO! I went to US Bank and they said NO! You placed one call and I now have a checking account again! I can't believe it! Thank you Thank you so much! Life was embarassing when people like car dealers would ask who is your bank and i didn't have one, now i do and I will NEVER mess it up again!


Thank you for the outstanding service. I was able to set up a checking acct the next day. I thought I would have to wait for years but Eric found me a bank in my home town that doesn't check the chexsystems.
Patti Hron

Thank you for the information not only did i open a checking account I also got a debit mastercard. Your inforamtion is valuable and helpful to people like me. I highly reccomend your company. Also you have excellent customer service.
name withheld San Diego

Just wanted to drop you a line let you know that thanks to your service i was able to obtain a checking account with my own debit card. I got my account through _______ and not only did they give me an account, they are the nicest people at a bank. They are not local to me however I can call them and debit my savings account here at my local credit union. There is a way around chex systems Praise the Lord to your service well worth the money. One more note for everytime I use my debit card as a credit card they give me a percentage back. WONDERFULL BANK WOULD HIGHLY SUGGEST TO ANYONE!!!!



I just wanted to let you know that I was able to find a bank through your service. There is, of course, a monthly fee because I am on ChexSystems, but I get an ATM card, checks, online banking, and online billpay. I am now banking with Bank of _________ ( Thanks!!

K. Klaren

Thank you for the information from non chexsystems banks. I opened an account with xxxxx Bank. Thank you so......much!


Purchase Today! These Bad Credit Loans have helped me in my worst times. When I had no where else to turn, these companies came through for me and also managed to build my credit strong. I am very happy to say that I was once in the 400 FICO score, now I am pushing 693 because of the use of bad credit loans and subprime credit cards. I highly recommend rebuilding your credit with these companies. I have a new truck because of the bad credit auto refinance company and have many of the unsecured credit cards although I am in the process of paying them all off and getting low interest credit cards, they were a blessing to rebuild my credit.

Eric Baum
owner of Ekel Link

I just wanted to let you know that I was a little skeptical at first, but I went ahead and ordered your non-chex systems bank list for $xx.95 on Friday, April 23rd, 2004. As soon as I got home I called XXXXXXXX Bank, and although I am in chex systems I was able to open an account right over the telephone because they only use telechex. Thanks to your website I am now waiting to receive my debit card, checks, and signature cards in the mail.

Thank you so much your website really helped me.

A Putmon

We've owned our own home since 1988 and during that time, we've refinanced probably a total of 5-6 times (3 times in the last 2 years and twice we dealt with the company Tom's brother works for). Our dealings with your broker Tan were absolutely the most positive and also informative of all of our experiences. He stayed in constant contact with us....always asking if we had any questions or needed more explanation about anything. He made us feel like we were his only customers - never rushed or in a hurry to end a phone call. He also stands by his word - genuinely a man of integrity. He also lowered his personal fee so that we could pull money out to fix our home. I have to say I really, really liked him and I would have no problem referring my family and friends in his direction - in fact, we've already hooked up my sister and her husband with him.

Lord Bless!!

T&S Spurgeon

I am actually having luck reparing my credit and I opened a bank account after 2 years by using your Credit Manual and Non-Chex Systems Banks Info. Thank you very much. Of course you may use my testimony. You guys are great. God Bless!

T.D. Jefferies


I just wanted to drop you a line and inform you i just opened a checking account with _____. I was placed on ChexSystems after my ex-wife abused our checking account and was unable to even open a savings account for the past few years. The people at ______ were very courteous and efficient and I now have a checking account, along with a Mastercard debit card. Thank you for your service May God richly bless you.

Inglewood , Ca.

Ekel Link helped me with a Christian attitude coming from the perspective of service towards another of God's family, I would highly recommend this "service" because they took my credit score of 638 to 794! Thanks!

Eli Skundric
Mission Viejo, CA


No problem, thank you very much, you have been very helpful to my credit over this past year. I had 15 things removed from my report thanks to you and just last week bought a new car. Thank you very much.

A. Wagner

I just wanted to tell you that your manual is the best available thru the Internet. I paid $ to another place that was a total ripoff - all they gave me was debt counseling. I also paid $xx to A_____s and their manual is not half of what your manual is. Their manual was basically $500 loans by mail (cash advances). Also, I'd like you to know that I received a _________Credit Card through your recommendation. Thanks again and may God bless you for your efforts and services to others.

Marlene Cass

Your informative manual was everything you said it was thanks again for your prompt service. I' am well on my way to getting my financial situation under control thanks a million!!!!!

Maurice John

I was able to get a credit card and my credit is horrible. Thank you and good luck on your Christian Bookstore!


We at would like to Thank everyone for their testimonials and emails!

Don't forget once we do receive payment from you, you are entitled to all future updates! We promise not to forget you and we will offer as much advice as possible. KEEP IN TOUCH!


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